Profit from PLR

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Profit from PLR (Private Label Rights)

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This 82 page  book is packed with information about making money through Private Label Rights products.  It is worth every bit of the membership subscription of £5.99.   Just look at the contents!

What You Will Learn

Chapter 1:

What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?
Why You Should be Excited About PLR
Types of Rights

Chapter 2:

Where To Buy Quality Private Label Rights Products
How to Find High Quality Products
Some of the Top PLR Sites for Finding Amazing Content to Sell

Chapter 3:

Start With The Right Tools
Image Editing and Word Processing
Web Services

Chapter 4:

How To Customize a PLR Product
Avoiding Direct Competition
More Ways to Customize an eBook

Chapter 5:

How To Get Your PLR Product Redesigned and Rewritten
Finding Designers
Finding Writers


Chapter 6:

How To Get Your Sales Page Up And Running
Why Sales Pages Are Designed the Way They Are
How to Write Stellar Sales Copy
Making Edits and Adding a PayPal Button
Uploading Your Files

Chapter 7:

How To Get Your Opt-In Page Up
How to Set Up Your Opt-In Page

Chapter 8:

How To Start Making Sales
Facebook Ads
Announce on Social Media/Blog/Email
Purchase Solo Ads

Chapter 9:

How To Increase Sales Using Upsells
Making Extra Sales
Conclusion and Summary

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